A philosophy, methodology and software to organise work for higher productivity and satisfaction

Pactify is a methodology to organise work (transformation, strategy execution or "business as usual") in a way that it is more productive and engaging. We use "Transparency 2.0" and moderation to (gradually) shift from "prescribing/ measuring/ controlling & rewarding work" towards "connecting the goals and helping teams to make progress themselves towards these goals". When teams experience that THEY make the progress, they will be more intrinsically motivated to continue to drive progress together. In today's complex world, this is a key advantage to develop speed and responsiveness, and avoids the classical top down trap: work coming back into the bottleneck at the top, slowing everything down ... .


pactify initiate
  • Ideate and solve problems within the group


pactify engage
  • Take autonomy to drive the idea forward


pactify deliver
  • Sustain "Flow" in the execution

/ "To Pac-ti-fy "/ a business initiative = "To voluntarily express, as a team, the belief in a plan and confidence to deliver versus the targets of the initiative"