A philosophy, methodology and software to organise work for higher productivity and satisfaction

Pactify is a methodology to drive performance& productivity in any type of work ("business-as-usual" (sales, operations, innovation, ...) or transformation (ERP implementation, strategy execution, ...)). At the basis of the improvement lies the specific "use" of autonomy, one of the key enablers of engagement and performance at work. Our specific process, platform and support is aimed at helping people to use autonomy (in a transparent way) in a way that it creates more "Flow": individual engagement& performance, and cooperation.


pactify initiate
  • Ideate and solve problems within the group


pactify engage
  • Take autonomy to drive the idea forward


pactify deliver
  • Sustain "Flow" in the execution

/ "To Pac-ti-fy "/ a business initiative = "To voluntarily express, as a team, the belief in a plan and confidence to deliver versus the targets of the initiative"